Tate’s Wellness Company is focused on providing personalized plans for weight management, fitness training and corporate wellness programs.

Wellness Coach Jackie will identify your blueprint for a healthful diet every day and for getting the maximum nutrition to fuel your daily activities and workouts. Start your wellness program for an active lifestyle with nutrition excellence and optimal physical performance that can lead you to a lifetime of healthy living. At your corporation, introduce a wellness talk during a staff meeting and inspire healthy habits on-site with your employees. Work with Wellness Coach Jackie to select the right wellness program for your employees and foster a productive, healthy and happy work environment.

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  1. The biggest difference is that sugar alcohols don’t have as much effect on your blood sugar in comparison to regular table sugar. When it comes to controlling hunger, maintaining a moderate level of blood sugar throughout the day is key. Avoiding the peaks and valleys produced by foods high in sugar and many white flour products such as desserts, white bread, crackers and processed snacks, are all pitfalls. You want to concentrate your efforts on foods that produce a mild effect on your blood sugar or that have what is called a low glycemic index . More fiber please! Hats off to you for reading food labels. Keep up the good work.

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