Whole Grain Penne Delight

Whole Grain Penne Delight

Some days you just need a new, delicious idea for dinner. Here’s one to try.

Toss previously cooked and cooled, whole grain penne with the following 6 ingredients: Basil pesto, cooked Shrimp, Snap peas, Green peas, Cucumber and very thin slices of Salami.

Details on the ingredients:
Shrimp – Wild Key West pink shrimp, uncooked, defrosted; Whole Foods $9.99 for 16oz bag. Cook and cool before adding to pasta.
Basil Pesto – Believe it of not, Costco’s brand boasts a combination of ingredients and Genovese Basil from Italy. Very tasty!
Salami – OLLI (Napoli) Applewood Smoked Salame with Sangiovese Wine; Whole Foods $7.99.
Snap Peas – from my garden but any will do.
Green Peas – frozen food section.
Cucumber – fresh, peeled and cut into small chunks.
Penne – Barilla Whole Grain pasta with 6 grams of fiber per 2 oz. serving.


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